WEEX - Weeks of Engineering EXperience

The WEEX (Weeks of Engineering EXperience) are three weeks incorporated into the core subjects at the start of the year. These weeks aim to offer a global perspective of a project. First-year students in the general engineering programme work on innovation issues connected to partnering companies (CLIC - Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp) and on societal challenges (energy transition, waste management, transport) through an interdisciplinary project. The WEEX are the fruit of ECL 2030, a project that looks to the future of the engineering profession.

Interaction of disciplines

This project brings together all teaching departments. The objective is to show students how the different fields (such as computer science, maths, mechanics, economics, languages and philosophy) overlap while they work on an issue faced by society.

Model design


Students must design a model while taking into account various parameters and managing variables in mechanics, acoustics, geography or environment, among others.

Students interact with each other, resolve inner tensions and confront risks. The WEEX bring to life the teachings of the core subjects.

Various topics

Some examples:

  • Windfarm installation on an island.
  • Regional transport optimisation.

Soft skills: contemplation on transferable skills

Weex Energie

Teachers of the Communications, Languages, Business and Sports Department (CLES) propose periods of reflection so that students can take a step back from their projects and consider all individual and relational abilities that can be applied to any situation, in other words, their soft skills.