General engineering

École Centrale de Lyon trains accomplished, open-minded, ethical engineers who will devise the engineering feats that will meet the challenges faced by society in the 21st century.

Over three years, engineering students receive quality technical and scientific training, supplemented by a substantial dose of knowledge in social sciences and humanities, practicals in project work, classes in two or three modern languages and an awakening to international life and the world of business.

Engineering studies rest on École Centrale de Lyon’s specific features and strong points and lead to graduates building character well-suited to the current needs of the job market.

The institute is heavily involved in research (evidenced by the six CNRS laboratories on campus) and works on leveraging that research with its industrial and international partners. The laboratories have collaborated with many companies that support their research activities.

Similarly, strong ties have been made with research teams in international laboratories (Canada, Japan, Brazil, China, among others). A large part of the curriculum is carried out through laboratory activities in small groups within the institute’s research teams. Engineering students see for themselves the global industrial challenges of tomorrow.

Each student creates their own curriculum through their choice of courses, options, placements, studies abroad and possible double degrees.

The training of the general engineer is based on a demanding scientific and technical education that intersects various disciplines. It combines studies with scientific approaches, simulation, laboratory activities and practical experience. Students learn how to use their knowledge and skills, under operational circumstances, to innovate.

The curriculum encourages dialogue between the different occupations and various student profiles through collaborative projects and exchanges involving general engineers, specialists and students in postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Finally, the openness of engineering studies to other disciplines and approaches, including voluntary engagement, supplements the engineering student’s humanist training and community spirit.

A general engineer designs, improves, anticipates and even manages teams. They must be able to adapt at every stage; as such, they need diverse and varied knowledge and skills.

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