Director: Jérôme BOUDET, Olivier DESSOMBZ


This option provides knowledge and know-how on aircraft design. Aeronautical engineering involves a great variety of disciplines. In the frame of this option, students define their specialization between the following disciplines: aerodynamics, acoustics, EEA, material engineering and structural mechanics. Teaching is organized essentially with tutored projects, with both transverse and specific aspects. Starting from the preliminary design of a business jet (common project), students choose between four different elective projects that focus on an element (turbojet engines, wings, fuselage...) or a discipline (acoustics, materials, control of aircraft...) in order to reach a more effective design (e.g. lower consumption or emissions...).

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate an engineering problem in aeronautical engineering.
  • Model a complex system.
  • Solve a multi-disciplinary problem.
  • Use knowledge and know-how for the design of a complex system.



General engineering curriculum of ECL, or equivalent. For the Propulsion elective project: MOS 1.1 or MOS 3.5, and MOS 5.4 or MOS 7.1.


AE 3.1 : 15%, AE 3.2 : 25%, AE 3.3 : 60%