Startup and Business Developer

Director: Marie GOYON


The program concern all students willing to create value by designing a new business, either as an entrepreneur developing her/his own startup , or as a business developer enlarging an existing company's activities portfolio. The training is geared towards responsible innovation, based on three pillars: desirability, viability, feasibility. The program relies on two main methodologies: design thinking and innovation project management. The course is organized with 2 tracks: startup creation and business development, each track with specific courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to design disrupting products, services or systems embedded in social and economical reality. Research, conception, analysis, intuition and creativity
  • Know how to create or seize a user problem, service, industrial innovation, territory transformation, public policies, it into a concept and then an innovative solution. Observation, investigation, empathy, problematization.
  • Know how to evaluate the desirability, feasibility and viability of a concept and solution. Iteration, testing, prototyping.
  • Know how to lead a team, work in an interdisciplinary context, manage an innovative project. Dialogue, agility, mediation, management.
  • Know how to involve partnerships and stakeholders, how to negociate with customers and pitch with VC, build a viable business model. Defend a project and its values.



Strong motivation, initiative, commitment, autonomy, taste for teamwork.


Project : Oral presentations and report