Specialisation Civil Engineering

Director: Eric VINCENS
130 hTD


The town planning / urban and periurban space organisation involves the construction of structures allowing the existence of living and working spaces but also facilitating mobility. These works connect the scale of the building to that of the City and of the Territory. The objective here is therefore to provide the tools for the design and construction of these works in close connection with the actual European regulations. Here, it is a question both of the resistance of the structures but also of the comfort of the inhabitants who remain at the center of the concerns for the design of the buildings.

Less conventional solutions that save resources and low-carbon solutions will be developed and explored.



- Imposed MOD: Course "Building & architecture" and " Hazards and heterogeneities of structures " - Imposed MOS: "Foundation Engineering".


BI3.1 : 30%, BI3.2 : 35%, BI3.3 : 35%