Specialization Aeronautics

Director: Anton KORNIIENKO, Giacomo CASADEI, Laurent BAKO, Olivier DESSOMBZ, Paolo MASSIONI
74 hTD


The development of aerospace flights has led to the development of powerful control methods adapted to the strong constraints of this field: multi-actuators multi-sensors with important performance requirements. These methods were very quickly deployed in the military aeronautics (reactivity) before massively broadcast in the civil aeronautics. With the reinforcement of competition, it is crucial to manage energy as efficiently as possible in order to limit costs while ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers, which makes control systems indispensable. The objective of this project is to train in the methods of design and validation (robustness) powerful control systems, essential in the aerospace industry. Keywords: Automatic, Multi-actuator multi-sensor control (multivariable), Flight mechanics, Robustness

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how to formalize the specifications of a control system
  • Know how to design a multivariable control algorithm answering a complete specification
  • Know how to analyze the robustness of a control system
  • Know how to apply the skills above on a civil transport plane



MOD 3.6 Advanced Control if possible


Participation, written report and defense