Specialisation Nanotechnologies

Director: Virginie MONNIER-VILLAUME


Nanotechnologies R&D projects are dealing with huge budgets each year. It is a highly growing field. Nanosciences and nanotechnologies are at the intersection of several scientific disciplines such as electronics, mechanics, chemistry, optics, biology, that manipulates objects at the nanometer size. The objective is to allow generalist engineering students acquite both technical and scientific knowledge to manage transversal projects and technology transfer. Mixing engineering sciences and life sciences, this module proposes high-level trainings in strong interactions with industrial expectations in information and communication technologies.

Program: NANO 3.1 - Memories for the Internet of Things NANO 3.2 - Smart surfaces NANO 3.3 - Optical guiding NANO 3.4 - Nano-optics



Imposed MOD: - MOD 6.1 « Nanotechnologies » Imposed MOS: - MOS 1.5: "Thin films and functionalized surfaces" - MOS 6.4: "Microsensor, microsystem, microfluidics"


Students will have to follow the two first courses and to make a choice between the two last courses. NANO3.1: 33%; NANO3.2: 33%; NANO3.3: 33% or NANO