Specialisation Bio-engineering and nanotechnology

Director: Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU
60 hTD


Bioengineering concerns technologies that make it possible to develop diagnostic tools and more efficient treatments, to model and simulate biological processes and the evolution of living organisms, to design new miniaturized and communicating materials and devices to develop personalized medicine. It is based on advanced concepts and tools from physics, optics, chemistry and chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanics and mechanical engineering. The objective of this branch is to allow general engineers to acquire both technical and scientific knowledge allowing them to manage transversal projects and technology transfer. Combining engineering sciences and life sciences, this course offers high-level training in strong interactions with industrial and societal expectations in the fields of health and life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the challenges and issues related to health
  • Acquire knowledge in biology and nanobiotechnology
  • Apply knowledge to solving multidisciplinary problems
  • Implement multidisciplinary projects



MOD5.1 « Human physiology and biotechnology » MOS 6.1 « Tissue engineering and biomaterials »


BIO3.1 : 25% ; BIO3.2 : 25% ; BIO3.3 : 25% ; BIO3.4 : 25%