Lecturer(s): Jérôme BOUDET, Laurent BLANC, Olivier DESSOMBZ


Design of a turbojet engine, with aerodynamic and mechanical specifications. Multi-disciplinary project organization.


turbojet engine, compressor, turbine, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, structural mechanics, shaft dynamics


The thrust determined during the aircraft project being specified, thermodynamic cycle calculations are used to define the overall architecture of the jet engine. A one-dimensional analysis then leads to the definition of the number of sub-components. 'Zooms' on particular components are finally made as practical and in-depth examples of expertise. For example:

  • Detailed design of compressor stages, from 3D mechanical and aerodynamic simulations. Definition of a compromise between aerodynamics and mechanics.
  • Analysis of the overall dynamics (tree, disks, links...).

Two series of courses support the realization of the project:

  • Simulations in aerodynamics.
  • Overall dynamics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate an engineering problem.
  • Use knowledge and know-how for the detailed design of a system.


Participation, report and oral presentation.