Computer networks

Lecturer(s): René CHALON
Course ⋅ 16 hStudy ⋅ 12 h


This course is presenting main concepts and protocols of computer networks. Design features and architectures of local area networks, medium and high speed networks as well as Internet protocols are systematically and methodically detailled. This conceptual and practical approach enables each one to better understand the current supply, the evolution and the prospect of present and future computers networks.


networks, ISO model, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Internet, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTP


Lecture : 1- Introduction: main concepts, ISO model ans TCP/IP architecture 2- Physical layer: physical medium and data transmission 3- Local Area Network: topology, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 4- Network layer: internet principles, IP protocol, addressing, routing, IPv6 5- Transport layer: TCP, UDP, SCTP 6- Application layer: client/server model, DNS, e-mail, FTP, World Wide Web Labs: 1- Detailed study of Ethernet with a netwok simulator 2- Detailed study of IP with a netwok simulator 3- Study of HTTP protocol

Learning Outcomes

  • To know computer networks concepts
  • To analyse and design Ethernet local aera networks
  • To analyse and design TCP/IP based networks


Final mark = 50% knowledge + 50% know-how Knowledge = 100% final exam Know-how = 100% continuous assessment