Representation and manipulation of structured data

Lecturer(s): Daniel MULLER
Course ⋅ 16 hStudy ⋅ 12 h


Understand how the XML ecosystem enforces fundamental Information System properties, such as organization, data integrity, application interoperability, or internationalization.


Structured data, XML, DTD, XML Schema, Xpath, XSLT, Webservices


Introduction Structured Data – XML Data Integrity – validation, DTD, schemas Interoperability – Namespaces Querying – Xpath, XQuery Transformations – XSLT Data exchange, Webservices – XML-RPC Applications – SVG, XSL-FO

Learning Outcomes

  • Compétence 2 - Composante 1


50% knowledge: written exam without documents 50% know-how: mean of lab marks (1/3 each)