Fluid-Structure Interactions

Lecturer(s): Mohammed ICHCHOU, Gilles ROBERT
Course ⋅ 16 hPW ⋅ 8 hStudy ⋅ 4 h


Introduction of the fluide Structure Interactions (FSI) problems. Modeling of such coupling situations and design of mechanical systems evolving fluide Structure Interactions.


Added mass operator - elastic effects - Sloshing - Free surface effects - Gravity waves - Capilarity waves -Fluide-structure impacts - Dissipative effects - Radiation - COupled fluid-structures modes - FInite Element modeling - Piston like cases - Instabilities - Forcing through the fluid - incompressible effects - compressible effects.


I- Classification of the main fluide-structure problems. II- FOrmulation of the fluid-structure coupling issues. III- INertia effects and strong coupling. IV- Dissipative coupling - radiation effects V- Vibroacoustic coupling (boiunded and unbounded) VI- Physical interpretation of the fluid-structure coupling effects, numerical formulation and assessments. VII- Fluid-structure coupling under flow

Learning Outcomes

  • Assessment of the type of fluide structure interaction
  • Assessment of the relevant parameters belonging to the main fluid-structure interactions
  • Being able to formulate the relevant model for the main fluid-structure interaction
  • Define the relevant sources of excitations by the fluid injected in the structure


Reports of the Experimental/numerical trainings (team work) Report on a chosen journal paper/patent (team work) Final individual exam