Business creation project

Lecturer(s): Marie GOYON, Sylvie MIRA
Project ⋅ 30 h


Develop one's creativity and use it to create a new business or a startup Develop capacities to manage a business development project Learn how to collect data relevant to manage the project Identify and organize relevant resources to manage the project Learn how to communicate with partners, customers or VCs


Project management, innovative project conception, teamworking, communication, analysis


Students chose to build a project as business developer for a company or as an entrepreneur. They are asked to lead the project for the creation of an innovative activity either for a sponsoring company, or for the creation of their own start-up. The project begins with the ideation step and ends with the final pitch with the pedagogic team and the sponsoring company

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop one's creativity to create value
  • Develop one's team and project management skills
  • Identify and organize relevant resources to manage the project
  • Develop one's communication and reporting skills


Project based evaluation : teamwork attendance, oral presentations and report.