Innovative Design and Creativity

Lecturer(s): Damien CONSTANT, José PENUELAS
Course ⋅ 14 hStudy ⋅ 11 h


Starting from the concept of values in the company, and the positioning of the company in the socio-economic context, the need for innovation in the company is explained; the positioning of Research and Development within the framework of an innovation strategy is underlined. The emphasis is on financing innovation. Innovation monetization and market approach strategies are built using marketing techniques, product positioning, pricing and value proposition development.

Students will be made aware of the process of creativity and put in a situation to become aware of the underlying psychological blockages. Creativity techniques will be discussed, and in particular an introduction to TRIZ. Some notions of industrial design are also discussed with the aim of providing students with the means to understand the problem of the design of a technical object. More generally, the different theoretical approaches to the design of a C&K technical system are also presented.


TRIZ, Design Thinking, C&K, innovation, marketing, strategy


Part 1 :

  1. Strategic marketing
  2. The need to innovate
  3. Quantitative and financial analysis
  4. R&D and innovation management
  5. Build a business plan

Part 2 :

  1. Different approaches to creativity. Problem solving method (TRIZ method): concepts and tools.
  2. Industrial design: Problem, fields of intervention and tools.
  3. Theories of Design (C&K)

Learning Outcomes

  • Modeling a problem within a technical system: Idealities, technical contradictions.
  • Offer innovative solutions based on TRIZ principles.
  • Analyze a design proposal.
  • Establish a business plan based on a case study.


Part 1: Restitution of the case study.

Part 2: Written exam on the Creativity-Design and Design Theory part Project work report on the Design part