IMR Project

Lecturer(s): Pietro SALIZZONI, Richard PERKINS
Project ⋅ 30 h


Address the management of a research project aimed at determining the impacts of environmental pollution on human health. Understand the techniques of communication and public communication concerning the results of epidemiological studies.


This independent work will concern problems related to technological risks, and will be supervised F. Rosset (ODZ Consultants), an engineer working in the field of industrial risk management . It will require a multidisciplinary approach, and should include legal, economic and technical aspects of the problem.

Examples of subjects proposed in previous years:

  1. Analysis of an accident and its impact on regulatory and industrial practices: the Buncefield accident
  2. Risk associated with ammonium nitrate
  3. Risk control on pipelines
  4. Lightning risk and design of industrial plants
  5. The use of technical safety barriers
  6. Integration of economic methods in risk management


Savoir-faire : 50% Méthodologie : 50%