Projet Application - Recherche

Lecturer(s): Cécile NOUGUIER
TC ⋅ 25 h


Research projects (PAr) are intended for students who wish to acquire a first research experience or for those who are simply curious to discover the research. In a research laboratory of the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, all of them internationally renowned, students are initiated, alone or in pairs, in the research activity. Most often integrated into a research group and sometimes into an existing project, students have the opportunity to meet the various research stakeholders, to discover the many facets of the profession of researcher and the context of academic research in France. They may also be offered the opportunity to participate in the life of the research laboratory hosting them (seminars or other events).


Research, project work


The PAr started in S7 and continues in S8 for a total of 75 hours. Supervised by a scientific tutor and accompanied by a project management adviser, students search for and exploit bibliographic data, formulate hypotheses, experiment, simulate or model, face often unexpected results, interpret results , Emit, validate or refute hypotheses, propose new ideas to explore...

Learning Outcomes

  • Structuring and managing a project.
  • Implementing a research approach.
  • Searching and citing bibliographic references.
  • Writing a report or a scientific paper and making an oral presentation.


Mark = 100% know-how.