Entrepreneurship and innovation

Lecturer(s): Thierry FARGERE, Patrick SERRAFERO
Course ⋅ 32 h


Entrepreneurship and innovation are now part of the critical business skills - creating value - of the modern engineer, whether they are :

  • in an internal context of the established company, in the form of intrapreneurship and creation of new activity,
  • in a context external to the established company, in the form of entrepreneurship and the creation of a start-up.

This elective training module aims to familiarize the engineering student with a set of notions, concepts, reasoning and entrepreneurial behavior allowing him to understand and practice the virtual creation of an innovative activity / company.


Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Innovation, Value Creation - SUSI: Start-Up / Innovative System


  • Lectures on entrepreneurship and innovation management
  • Tutorials on the formalization of the profession of a new activity,
  • Tutorials on the formalization of critical and innovative business processes,
  • Interventions of external experts in entrepreneurship and innovation,
  • Final delivery review of a start-up project.

Learning Outcomes

  • ◊ Design a new Business Model
  • ◊ Formalize the profession of a new activity / company
  • ◊ Set up an innovative value offer
  • ◊ Formalize the critical and innovative business processes necessary to create value


  • Presentation of the "Business Model SUSI"
  • Entrepreneurial file on the SUSIpedia Knowledge Box.