Selection of Materials

Lecturer(s): Vincent FRIDRICI
Course ⋅ 14 hTC ⋅ 2 hAutonomy ⋅ 4 hStudy ⋅ 4 hProject ⋅ 8 h


The objectives of this AF are to provide students with methodological inputs on the selection of materials. This requires a good knowledge of the properties of the materials (some common core reminders are given) and needs setting up selection criteria, applied on a materials database. The Granta EduPack material selection software will be presented and used. The course will be complemented by presentations by industry speakers on the selection of materials related to design, life cycle assessment and the environmental impact of products and materials. A work in autonomy in group will be realized on a subject chosen by the students.


materials, selection, selection methodology, Granta EduPack software


  • material selection methodology
  • selection criteria and material selection software Granta EduPack
  • synthetic analyzes of the major families of materials and their properties
  • life cycle assessment and environmental impact
  • development of specific industrial case studies chosen in fields of activity using a wide range of materials: metals and alloys, polymers and composites, ceramics
  • sessions are also devoted to the restitution of the work carried out by students in autonomy, on subjects related to materials and their place in the world today

Learning Outcomes

  • know how to select a material: drawing up and analyzing the specifications, developing criteria, researching materials and analyzing the results
  • use and deepen the knowledge acquired in common core
  • collect and analyze data with logic and method
  • ability to give oral presentation and prepare written report about work in autonomy and in group


Note = 30% know + 70% know-how Know = 100% final exam Know how = 100% continuous assessment