Law and Work

Lecturer(s): Jacqueline VACHERAND REVEL, Nicolas HOURCADE
Course ⋅ 32 h


Through the study of a particular theme (the collaboration and the management in the era of the digital technology), this module allows the pupils to learn about a new discipline (the right) and to deepen the methods and the ways of reasoning of the human and social sciences arrested in basic modules in psychology and in sociology. Teachings allow the pupils to form and to develop their culture and their critical mind to think and to build the innovations of tomorrow and to act, in a lit way, within companies today, which form from now on unstable ecosystems.


Law, social psychology and sociology of the work and the organizations, collaboration, the managerial innovations, telework, the remote activities, the digital technologies.


The AF consists of 2 independent parts articulated around the same theme. The courses of labor law propose one initiations into the legal stakes to acquire knowledge on the rules which organize the new individual relationships of the work and the professional relations in the company. The courses of psychology and sociology of the work and the organizations approach the new stakes in the work and the new modalities of the collaboration within scattered working collectives and within their management with and via digital technologies (telecommuting, work in network, in team multi-localized by project).

Learning Outcomes

  • - Acquire legal knowledge in labor law. - Deepen the knowledge in psychology and sociology of the work. - Understand the stakes in the current transformations of the work and the companies. - Study the forms of professional collaboration with the digital technologies.


Examination under the shape of questions of course