Social relationships in company

Lecturer(s): Jacqueline VACHERAND REVEL
Course ⋅ 32 h


Interpersonal communication, in face-to-face or remote, occupies a pre-eminent place in social life and in the professional lives of the engineers. To evolve with agility and talent in contexts internationalized of work, in teams multi-business, in manager or behave with efficiency in the diverse events which mark out professional life, to know well how to communicate establishes a high value-added activity and a factor of distinction. He allows to analyze his stakes and to become aware of risks of misunderstandings which underlie them in the exercise of the jobs by the engineer.


Interpersonal communication, languages of the interaction, the psychosocial and cultural stakes, the crisis communication.


Left 1: the communication: instrumental and interactionnistes approaches. Left 2: the languages and the psychosocial stakes in the interpersonal communication. Left 3: the communication in the professional practices (e.g. crisis management, presentation of one in job interview, teamwork, negotiation.

Learning Outcomes

  • - Acquire abstract and methodological tools to analyze the interpersonal communication. - Capacity to understand the psychosocial stakes in communication and its difficulties. - Capacity to understand the intraculturelles and intercultural variations of the communication. - Develop know-how and social skills in diverse professional situations.


Examination under the shape of questions of course.