Political Sociology

Lecturer(s): Nicolas HOURCADE
Course ⋅ 32 h


This course allows students to apply and deepen the methods and modes of reasoning of sociology apprehended in the UE SHS in semester 7, by dealing with the theme of political sociology. The module presents the main objects, methods and theories of the political sociology. Its problematic is organized around the following questions: What are the political behaviors that are expressed in contemporary Western societies? How can they be analyzed? How is political participation linked, on the one hand, to the historical context, and on the other hand (and correlatively) to the social characteristics of individuals?


Sociology, politics, political behaviour, political participation, collective action, social movements, violence, polls, media...


After defining the notion of political behaviour, the course studies behaviours linked to the electoral process, by presenting the main theories and analysing current issues such as voting orientation, abstention or changes in the political field. It then looks at collective action and social movements, again combining theoretical tools and analysis of topical issues. Finally, a few themes are examined in greater depth, in particular in relation to current events. To follow this module, a good understanding of French is necessary.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the subjects of political sociology.
  • Acquire theoretical methods and tools for analysing political behaviour.
  • Acquire solid knowledge of current political phenomena.
  • Understand and analyse social science texts.


Final mark = 50% knowledge + 50% know-how Knowledge = 100% final exam Know-how = 100% continuous assessment