Les Métamatériaux Mécaniques

Lecturer(s): Olivier BAREILLE, Manuel COLLET
Course ⋅ 32 h


Metamaterials appears as artificial materials incorporating an internal structuring allowing them to adopt unparalleled wave behavior at the large scale. In the case of acoustics, they give rise to very important applications in engineering fields as sound insulation, vibroacoustics, stealth in underwater acoustics, the realization of more efficient transducers. Today, associated technologies present a very important development potential and already arouse the interest of many industries. The main objective of this course is to give general training to the students of Ecole Centrale de Lyon on the topic of metamaterials and the capacity they offer to respond to engineering problems.


Waves, Vibrations, Acoustics, Smart Materials, optimization, Vibroacoustic treatments


  1. Waves flow: basis

  2. Modelization a) Analytical and semi-analytique SAFE b) WFE : Wave Finite Elements c) Shift Cell Operator for coupled and damped problem d) ExpansionPWE

  3. Structural design based on Bragg and resonnant band gap : a) Energy diffusion at interfaces b) Finte structures : a limit to the bang gap

  4. Beyong band gap a) focusing b) Diode and non reciprocal behavior c) Cloacking

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of physical behavior of metamaterials
  • Use of associated design numerical methodolgy
  • know-how to use them on specfic classical problem through a mini-project


1/3 by using a QCM 1/3 coming from project evaluation 1/3 made by the class evaluation of the final restitution