Business development

Lecturer(s): Marie GOYON
TC ⋅ 28 h


Faced with the challenges of the call for innovation in the companies and in the public sector, this training aims to allow engineering students to train in the issues and practices of innovation, the design of innovative projects and their strategic support (intrapreneurship). Theoretical training (innovation management, project management, open innovation, innnovate with labs, agile methods, ecosystems and labs, companies social responsibilities) and project-driven training with one or more partner companies. A case study can also be realized. OPEN to all Students


innovation, strategy, management, design, agility, intrapreneurship, project


Courses, workshops, coaching, autonomy Themes: Design thinking and agile methods, prototyping, communication, negotiation, open innovation, innovation strategies,actors, field surveys, buisness models, patent monitoring

Learning Outcomes

  • conduct an innovation process: design, manage, realize
  • lead an innovation strategy: actors and stakeholders, strategy development and planning, negotiation and communication
  • federate and manage a project team
  • adopt a transversal and agile project practice


Oral presentations and report