Confort et énergie de l'habitat

Lecturer(s): Eric VINCENS
Course ⋅ 20 hStudy ⋅ 8 h


While Housing represents nearly 40% of total energy consumption in France and contributes 25% to greenhouse gas emissions, controlling the energy performance of buildings is becoming a major issue in building a future. sustainable. This course proposes to provide tools for designing a high-performance envelope and for producing energy for a more frugal habitat, but also tools for diagnosing the existing one.


frugality, comfort, air renewal, energy for the building


  • 2020 Environmental standard (RE2020) and labels
  • Home comfort
  • Frugal solutions for building energy production
  • Photovoltaics for buildings

Learning Outcomes

  • - build a static and dynamic model to quantify heat losses - build the process to assess heating needs - choose technical solutions for heating the production of domestic hot water


  • knowledge score: final exam without documents
  • know-how score: notes from the BE

MOS5.2 final score: 1/2 knowledge + 1/2 know-how