New Technologies of Information and Communication

Lecturer(s): Daniel MULLER, Alexandre SAIDI, Mohsen ARDABILIAN
TC ⋅ 28 h


At the convergence of IT, telecommunications, corporate networks, and multimedia, the world of Information and Communication Technologies is constantly changing and therefore requires active monitoring by stakeholders. involved. This training action aims to introduce students to technological watch, both theoretically and practically. In coordination with the teaching team, the students will put technological watch into practice by carrying out their own study on a freely chosen subject. Each student will be asked to present his results to all his peers during workshops organized for this purpose.


Technological watch, information and communication technologies, innovation.


Introduction to technological and strategic watch The challenges - The tools The main areas of technology watch - choice of an issue Individual presentations by the students of the selected subjects

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to carry out a technological watch.
  • Knowing how to identify innovations in your sector of activity.
  • Be able to report to peers.


Final Mark Score = 20% knowledge + 70% know-how + 10% interpersonal skills Knowledge score = 100% methodological report Interpersonal skills score = attendance Know-how score: 60% Report + 40% Oral presentation