French as a foreign language

Lecturer(s): Florence MILON


French courses in semester 8 are meant for students having taking courses in semester 7. Students who begin their schooling in semester 8 will be integrated into French classes with first-year students.


Integration, autonomy, curiosity, interaction, cross-cultural communication, cultural practices, social issues, academic life, working life, oral expression, written expression, oral comprehension, written comprehension.


The focus is on professional life, on social issues (environment, sustainable development, ethics…) broached through cross-cultural presentations, and on preparation for DELF and DALF tests.

Learning Outcomes

  • CEFRL (from B2 to C2), with special focus on interaction and on cultural or cross-cultural competences.
  • Reading comprehension and written expression : reading newspaper articles, novels, writing letters, CVs, essays, abstracts, reports.
  • Oral expression : pair-work, group-work (thematic presentations on society, debates).
  • Oral comprehension (mainly through authentic audio and video material : radio, TV, films).


Know-how N2 = continuous assessment and test(s) and/or final exam.