Lecturer(s): Cheng SUN


The Chinese course in S8 allows students to continue learning Chinese to strengthen their language skills and knowledge of Chinese culture, or to prepare for mobility to China (double degree, 3rd year or internship). There are 3,5 weekly hours. The course aims to develop oral skills, auditory comprehension, written expression and the discovery of culture and society through language (thought, philosophy, mentality, behavior, etc.) Students may prepare for the HSK (Chinese-language proficiency test) level 3 or 4.


Chinese characters, business Chinese, cultural immersion, interaction, international mobility


  • A2/B1: further acquisition of vocabulary and linguistic structures, consolidation of oral skills through cross-cultural situations. Preparing for HSK level 2 or 3.
  • B2/C1: expanding language skills (in various fields and more complex situations), learning about the cultural and socio-economic background. Preparing for HSK level 3 or 4.

Learning Outcomes

  • Developing oral expression and master a conversation in Chinese.
  • Developing oral comprehension.
  • Developing writing skills.
  • Enrich the vocabulary of economics and the professional world.


Know-how N2 = continuous assessment and test(s) and/or final exam.