Lecturer(s): Virginie MONNIER-VILLAUME, Christelle MONAT, Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU
PW ⋅ 16 hAutonomy ⋅ 2 hStudy ⋅ 2 h


This training will be devoted to the elaboration, of nano-optical devices using with particular diffraction/reflection properties due to their periodic structuration at the wavelength scale. Different kinds of periodic systems will be studied and elaborated using physical routes from thin films (clean room technology) and chemical routes (from colloidal dispersions). Their structural and optical properties will be simulated and characterized.


Photonic crystals, thin films, nanostructured periodic systems, opals, simulation, spectroscopy.


BE (2h): periodic structures, photonic crystals and synthetic opals. TP1 (4h): simulation of optical properties of photonic crystals. TP2 (4h): elaboration of synthetic opales by chemical route. TP3 (4h): fabrication of Bragg mirrors in the clean room. TP4 (2h): optical characterization by reflectivity. TP5 (2h): structural characterization by scanning electron microscopy. Autonomy (2h).

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the challenges and problematics of photonic crystals and the origin of periodic structures properties.
  • Know and use clean room techniques, colloidal chemistry and structural/optical characterizations.
  • Simulate optical properties of some photonic structures.


Final mark = 30% Knowledge + 70% Know-how Knowledge = 100% answer to theoretical questions Know-how = 40% continuous assessment (active involvement and participation) + 60 % report writing