Surfaces intelligentes

Lecturer(s): Magali PHANER GOUTORBE, Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU, Stephane BENAYOUN, Stéphane VALETTE, Virginie MONNIER-VILLAUME
PW ⋅ 16 hStudy ⋅ 4 h


In this course, the students will have to elaborate bio-inspired surfaces with specific functionalities (superhydrophobic, super-adhesive,..) thanks to nano/microtexturation. These surfaces will be characterized and analyzed regarding the two specific properties, their wettability and their adhesive potential.


Bio-inspired surfaces, surface texturation, wettability, adhesion.


TP1 (4h): elaboration of functional surfaces. TP2 (4h): topographic characterization (nanometric scale) TP3 (4h): characterization of the wettability of textured surfaces TP4 (4h): mechanical characterization of the adhesion BE (2h): presentation of the results and scientific discussions

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the challenges and problematics of functional surfaces.
  • Know and use surface elaboration techniques.
  • Characterization of surfaces at different scales.
  • Set up an experimental protocol.


Final mark = 100% Know-how Know-how = 50% work during practical sessions + 50% oral presentation