Parcimonie et grande dimension

Lecturer(s): Marie-Christophette BLANCHET, Alexandre SAIDI, Céline HARTWEG-HELBERT, Yohann DE CASTRO
Course ⋅ 22 hTC ⋅ 4 hStudy ⋅ 4 h


Sparsity and convexity are ubiquitous notions in Machine Learning and Statistics. In this course, we study the mathematical foundations of some powerful methods based on convex relaxation: L1-regularisation techniques in Statistics and Signal Processing; Nuclear Norm minimization in Matrix Completion. These approaches turned to be Semi-Definite representable (SDP) and hence tractable in practice. The theoretical part of the course will focus on the guarantees of these algorithms under the sparsity assumption. The practical part of this course will present the standard solvers of these learning problems.


L1-regularization; Matrix Completion; Semi-Definite Programming; Proximal methods;