Interactions matériau-vivant

Lecturer(s): Emmanuelle LAURENCEAU, Vincent FRIDRICI
Course ⋅ 3 hTC ⋅ 2 hPW ⋅ 6 hAutonomy ⋅ 6 hStudy ⋅ 4 h


Through this course, the fundamental aspects linked to the biological, physicochemical and mechanical phenomena involved during the contact between a surface and a biological medium will be treated. The link with the bioengineering of interfaces and its application will be approached in various forms: analysis of articles, realization of devices, design office


Course (3h):

  • Physico-chemistry of interfaces
  • Biomechanics of interfaces

BE (4h): Tribo-mechanics of living tissue

Practical work (6h): Realization of a glucose biosensor

TD (2h): Restitution of the analysis of scientific articles

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the biomechanical challenges of aging and prosthetic medicine
  • Know some techniques for characterizing living tissue
  • Establishment of an experimental protocol
  • Write a complete technical report, correctly referenced


50% knowledge (oral presentation of review articles), 50% know-how (practical report)