TET project

Lecturer(s): Eric VINCENS, Pietro SALIZZONI
PW ⋅ 70 h


The project is common to the three components of the "Option". It is based on the final project of the students's diploma from the National School of Architecture of Lyon belonging to the departement "Collaborative experimentation in architecture". Through this interdisciplinary work between student-architects and student-engineers, the goal is to get engineering students to invest in a reflection on economically viable solutions, adapted to a Post-Carbon Society taking into account the scarcity of resources, the necessary energy frugality in a regenerated city.


home comfort, structures, foundation engineering, acoustics, LCA, circular economy


  • Work on different themes at the Habitat and City scale including the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere
  • 3 project monitoring meetings by theme


0.33 oral defense + 0.33 final written report + 0.33 * 2 interim reports