Lecturer(s): Eric VINCENS, Francesco FROIIO
Course ⋅ 14 hStudy ⋅ 16 h


Through this course, three construction technologies most representative of current practices are approached, namely reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel construction. The aim of this course is to provide tools for making technological choices, and calculation techniques for dimensioning beams, floors, columns as well as load-bearing walls. The European regulatory framework which should guide the engineer in the design is also addressed. All the Practical Sessions associated with these courses are supervised by professional engineers.


reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, steel construction


Steel construction: 2 practical sessions (4h each) Reinforced concrete: lectures (10h) + 2 practical sessions (4h each) Prestressed concrete: lectures (4h)


1 grade from the final exam0.75 + 1 grade from practical sessions0.25