Aeronautics Project

Lecturer(s): Jérôme BOUDET, Damien CONSTANT, Olivier DESSOMBZ, Olivier GAVOUYERE
Course ⋅ 2 hTC ⋅ 34 h


This project concerns the preliminary design of a business jet, with given specifications (number of passengers, range, runaway length...). The interactions of the global design choices are investigated with simplified models, using an iterative approach. This project is supported by Dassault Aviation.


business jet, preliminary design


This project consists of two phases: Phase 1: analyse and complete a pre-design tool, then use it to design an aircraft with given specifications. Phase 2: deepening. For example: realization of a wing model and evaluation in wind tunnel, improvement of pre-design models, study of sensitivities...

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the influence of the aircraft design parameters on the performance.
  • Elaborate and implement a multi-disciplinary design process.
  • Propose and assess models for preliminary design.


Evaluation of the intermediate and final deliverables, including spreadsheets and oral presentation.