Course outline

Ingénieur·e Généraliste Centrale Lyon

After at least two years of studies following the baccalaureate, the general engineer programme at École Centrale de Lyon usually takes a further six semesters. The first three semesters are devoted to the core subjects, while the next three offer students free rein in choosing their curriculum with options to expand both their sector-based and profession-based expertise. Compulsory placements enrich the curriculum at the end of each year with at least one semester being spent abroad.

Programme de la formation EN

Core subjects (years 1 and 2)

The core subjects allow the student to discover the engineering profession. There are 14 subjects, including 12 scientific, one language and culture subject and one subject for deepening professional knowledge. A final project ties in with the project-teaching approach, and a month’s work experience is compulsory.

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Elective subjects (years 2 and 3)

The elective subjects expand the students’ horizons and encourage academic exchanges. The student can choose about five optional modules of 32 hours each (some can be with other institutes). They can then choose to develop their sector knowledge from among 7 options and their knowledge of a profession from among 6 profession-oriented subjects. The student goes on a 3-month placement at the end of second year and a 5-month placement at the end of their studies. The curriculum also includes study or work experience abroad.

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Expanded programmes

École Centrale de Lyon seeks to train general engineers in high-level scientific and technical knowledge, so that they can be open-minded and quick to adapt to changing, sophisticated situations. The curriculum has and will continue to change with the new challenges faced by society: energy and environmental transition, the digital revolution, artificial intelligence, engineering ethics.

The innovative teaching methods include the organisation of WEEX (Weeks of Engineering Experience), which are devoted to developing a global vision of a project with a skills-based approach combining expertise and social skills, or a reflection on environmental issues with the ‘New term for the climate’.

Students at École Centrale de Lyon can enrich and augment their studies thanks to the Collège des Hautes Études Lyon Science[s], which enables them to choose modules from the offerings of six prestigious institutes, a dual course abroad or even an expanded joint degree.

Lastly, sports are a genuine institution at Centrale Lyon and form an integral part in the syllabus with over 22 sports to choose from.