Eco-design and innovation engineer

Coordinator: O. Dessombz

This course demonstrates the connection of three complementary disciplines and their industrial applications. It covers organisational science associated with the ideas and implementation of a systemic approach, engineering associated with models depicting the behaviour of materials in a broad field of study and mathematics associated with analytical and optimisation tools.

Given the advances in design, the product-process link will be presented in two modules integrating the three fields of engineering involved in material products: civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The course also delves into major social issues: ecology, through the notions of recyclability and grey energy, and innovation, by illustrating the strategies that can ensure a new product’s success.

Career prospects: large range of positions in design offices, project innovation, product quality control and end-of-life recyclability. The industrial sector that is opened up is extremely broad: civil engineering, transport, energy generation and health.

To find out more, please see the programme for this profession (in French).