Computer Science option

Coordinators: M. Ardabilian and D. Muller

This specialisation seeks to meet the challenges arising from the rapid development in digital solutions and applications by offering targeted lessons on the key aspects of this field. General engineers gain the ability to delineate, design and oversee innovative projects in a field where systems are becoming increasingly complex.

Information technology is ever more ubiquitous and integrated into everything. Information systems are creeping into everything – into business, daily life and even the most mundane items.

The fields of application are plentiful, including the IT and digital sector as well as those that depend on it: aeronautics, vehicles, banks and insurance, (bio)medicine, energy, mass retail, entertainment, media, manufacturing.

Each student has the opportunity to create their own curriculum, adapted to their desired professional future.

To find out more, please see the programme for this option (in French).