Third year - General Engineering

A personalised course

The third year of the general engineering curriculum offers a wide range of career options. Whether it's a more in-depth study of a particular sector, an academic exchange or a double degree in France or abroad, each student can build his or her own career path.

Year 3 - General Engineering

Elective route

In the third year, students can pursue the elective pathway and customise their courses from among all the UE offered at École Centrale de Lyon.


from over 50 themes


- Consultant Engineer
- Eco-design and innovation engineer
- Supply chain and business performance engineer
- Industrial and environmental risk management engineer
- Research, innovation and development engineer
- Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur Engineer


- Aeronautics
- Bioengineering and nanotechnology
- Energy
- Ecological transition and territories
- Information technology
- Mathematics and decision-making
- Transport and traffic

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End-of-study internship

The end-of-study project is the culmination of training for student engineers at École Centrale de Lyon. The work carried out during the internship must lead to convincing results from the point of view of the company or laboratory hosting the intern. These results are judged by the quality of the work carried out during the internship, the written report and the oral presentation.

FOCUS ON WORK-STUDY: engineering students also have the option of completing their 3rd year under a 12- or 13-month professionalisation contract. More information >

Double-degree Masters

Students who have opted for the elective pathway (excluding work-study option) have the opportunity to follow and validate a Master 2 in parallel with their general engineering degree. École Centrale de Lyon offers up to 18 Master's degrees in science, technology, health or human sciences

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Academic exchanges

Through its various partnerships with the Groupe des Écoles Centrale, CHEL'S and the Collège d'Ingénierie Lyon Saint-Étienne, Centrale Lyon offers its students the opportunity to broaden their areas of expertise and take their third year at another institution.

Exclusive double courses

Do you want to become an engineer, but also a researcher, econometrician, manager?

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