Option Ecological Transition and Territories

Director: Eric VINCENS, Pietro SALIZZONI


At a time when the Ecological Transition invites Man to reconcile himself with his natural environment and to think of a new relationship with the City, the challenges brought about by the Urban and Spatial Planning oblige to imagine new practices that are both sustainable and resilient. .

Across all the fields of the urban biosphere, the City has become the revealer of the challenges facing Man: a more energy-efficient habitat, gentler mobility and more respectful of air quality, smarter for an optimized use of resources and control of their induced negative effects.

The "option" thus offers two streams to establish a diagnosis of the existing situation, to understand the opportunities and solutions for the development problem. Three scales of action are proposed and will be brought into dialogue within the framework of a common project: that of the Building, of the City and finally of the Territories.