Advanced Design Processes

Lecturer(s): Olivier DESSOMBZ
Course ⋅ 18 h


Awareness of sustainable development issues and the ecodesign approach. The purpose of setting the context is to re-anchor the engineering student in a societal reality. Use examples to integrate the concepts and put them into practice. Through creativity exercises, learn to develop the ability to project towards future scenarios.


Eco-design, circular economy, environmental and social impacts, sustainable development


From the planet to the products:

  • Approach to sustainable development, social responsibility of organizations.
  • Limits of resources.
  • Ecosystem services, biomimicry.
  • Issue of sustainable development, social responsibility of organizations, dimension environmental, social, societal.
  • The challenges of eco-design in your design strategy.
  • Sustainable development, environmental impacts, eco-design, life cycle ...
  • Define the basic functional unit of any Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
  • Eco-design methodology and implementation of an industrial project.

Learning Outcomes

  • To be able to integrate environmental and social criteria into the design process.
  • Understanding of social, environmental, planetary and local issues.
  • Create new paradigms, innovate, question what already exists.