First year - General Engineering

Between the core curriculum and discovering engineering professions

First year general engineering

Core curriculum: a common generalist culture

The scientific, humanistic and economic subjects taught constitute the essential background of the Centrale Lyon generalist engineer. The courses taken by the whole year group together a set of training activities that may combine lectures, tutorials, practical work and team work on case studies.

10 Scientific teaching units 

1 Language and Culture teaching unit

1 Professional teaching unit

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[ DOUBLE DEGREES ] Registration for certain double degrees is possible from the first year. 

Bachelor's degrees:
Economics, Mathematics or Physics.
Application procedures will be specified at the start of the academic year.

Specific courses :
- Double Degree in Engineering and Architecture 
- Double Degree in Medical Engineering

Study project

In the first year, a scientific or technical problem is presented to the student engineers by the School's teaching teams or in collaboration with partner companies and research laboratories. Discover the best projects for 2022-2023 >


From their first year, engineering students receive training in the project approach. The diversity of subjects covered enables them to choose projects that match their aspirations. The different formats (study projects, application projects, WEEX) mean that they are confronted with a wide range of situations.

Execution internship

During the execution internship, the student trainee discovers and carries out the work of an operator over a period of at least four weeks. The aim of this work placement is to introduce students to the workings of a company, the nature of execution work and the relationships between operators and managers.