Core subjects syllabus

The moulding of the general engineer is built on the core subjects. These have been conceived to develop the skills of future engineers in the solving of complex challenges. They are based on high-quality, varied lessons and a host of interdisciplinary courses.

A common broad-based education

The lessons covering science, humanism and economics form the essential foundation for a general engineer. All students take these classes during their first three semesters at the institution.

Schéma disciplines du tronc commun

Interdisciplinary activities and methodology tools

Projet outils élèves

From the first year, engineering students receive a project-based education. The diverse range of subjects covered enables them to choose projects matching their ambitions. The different formats (case studies, applied projects, WEEX) allow a broad spectrum of situations to be tackled.

To develop their vision of the engineering profession, each student takes part in specific activities (internships, discovery surveys, series of conferences) which are linked with the business world. Students are guided in the development of their career path by a faculty member of the institute.

Schéma UEPro

An international dimension

As part of the core subjects, students embark on expanding their horizons by taking two languages and cultural studies. This is continued with at least 5 months abroad at a company or university.

Élèves internationaux
Schéma des langues du tronc commun