Traffic and Transportation option

Coordinators: O. Bareille and E. Couzineau

This option is an open, broad-based education on the issues of transportation. It cuts across various disciplines and focuses on vehicles and mobility.

Students are expected to become the architects and supervisors of interdisciplinary projects. They thus learn the intricacies of the sector, which allows them to quickly integrate into the industrial structures of the transport sector.

This option is not so much a specialisation as it is a launchpad into all the specific features of transportation. The coordination of the open sectoral modules with the activities of focused modules offers an education adapted to everyone’s initial career goals, while still maintaining consistency in the advancement of one’s training.

This option comprises two shared modules Society and transport and Infrastructures and mobility, one track to be chosen from Traffic and environment or Vehicle technology and a specialisation project (industrial case study).

To find out more, please see the programme for this option (in French).