Mathematics and Decision-Making option

Coordinators: M. Bonnivard and P.Thimonier

This option enlightens students to both the fundamentals of the most common mathematical models and fundamental managerial models.

In all business sectors, engineers and managers are faced with decisions on the resolution of scientific or technical problems, optimisation of industrial processes or even the reorientation of a company’s strategy. The engineer’s approach is to construct a model based on mathematical or managerial tools and methods, analyse the model and assess its risks before using it as the basis for a decision and action.

Students acquire skills in mathematical modelling and analysis as well as the ability to examine the risks of complex problems that could be met in business, finance, ecology, biology and physics. Decision-making in these complex, uncertain environments will be further limited to economic and/or physical limitations and a company’s required return on investment.

Two tracks are available: Firm’s decision-making or Applied mathematics and risk engineering (the two tracks can be combined if agreed to).

To find out more, please see the programme for this option (in French).