Ingénieur·e Excellence Opérationnelle (Lean Supply Chain)

Coordinator: E. Couzineau

This profession-based course seeks to train engineers who will be able to organise, improve and guide production systems or supply chains with a focus on performance and the customer’s satisfaction with quality, costs and lead times.

The objective of this course is to develop the students’ abilities to understand the strategic issues involved in supply chains and organisations, as well as the different inputs and outputs (physical, informational, financial). The student must also learn how to analyse, understand and reorganise a production or supply-chain process, as well as acquire the techniques for managing supply chains and production quality. The student will become familiar with information systems (APS, ERP, WMS, etc.), learn how to oversee improvements and continual development actions in all value-added production activities and supporting functions and learn how to assist operational teams in developing their skills.

Career prospects: continued improvement manager, supply chain manager, methods engineer or manager, production manager, quality engineer or manager, R&D engineer, logistics project lead, purchases or procurement manager, planning and scheduling supervisor, project leader, consultant in logistics, organisation or management

To find out more, please see the programme for this profession (in French).