Average costs for studying at Centrale Lyon

To help you prepare for your studies at Centrale Lyon, we have listed some expenses you will face. Please note that these costs are indicative only.

The cost of living in France can be quite high. We invite you to consider the following before committing to a course at Centrale :

  • Living expenses are on average €1,000 per month (excluding housing subsidies).
  • The cost of starting the new school year represents an average of €1,200 in additional expenses.
  • Students must have computer equipment.
  • It is specified that student jobs alone cannot finance these studies (demanding schedule and personal work...)

Annual fees

Indicative fees based on the year 2023-24

Tuition fees vary according to the degree and registration system, the student's nationality, scholarships and any special arrangements.

FormationRate ARate B
Cursus master (hors meta4.0) (2)€ 243€ 3 770
Bachelor Data Science for Responsible Business€ 12 950€ 12 950
Exchange research certificate€ 1 500 to € 3 000 by duration€ 1 500 to € 3 000 by duration

Rate A generally applies to European student (1).

Rate B applies to students of other nationalities who are not in receipt of a French government or French embassy grant or exemption listed here.

Students coming under an exchange agreement are generally exempt from paying tuition fees and the CVEC, under the conditions set out in the agreement.

(1) The enlarged European Economic Area (EEA) comprises the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Switzerland and Quebec.

(2) Students on French government scholarships are exempt from payment of tuition fees and CVEC.

For more information and to find out what supporting documents you need to provide, download the information sheets here, here and here.

Student activities (by activity)


No-scholarship and scholarship 
Membership of the Centrale Lyon Students Association (AEECL) for 3 years at Centrale Lyon 2019-2020   

(€118 for 2 years, €59 for 1 year)

Membership of USE ECL (sports association) 2019-2020 €90
Lifetime membership of the Association des Centraliens de Lyon€1800

Integration Weekend (WEI) registration 2019-2020

€ 140

Photocopying costs (estimate) (2)


(2) Printing services offered by the Class Service (SDEC) of the École Centrale de Lyon Students’ Association (AEECL). The amount is an estimate of the average student’s requirement during their studies at the institute.

The amounts indicated in this table are given for information only and may vary by a few euros.

Daily life

The information below represents average expenses. Of course, they may vary according to the situation.

Main Expenses
DescriptionMonthly cost
Accomodation€ 500
Food and hygiene€ 300
Transport€ 25
Internet/Phone€ 30
Mutual/Health€ 30
Other living expenses€ 115
Total€ 1 000

For more information, visit the specific pages on accommodation and food and drink.

Financial assistance and funds

École Centrale de Lyon offers all its students a service to help them with their studies.

  • Direct financial assistance from the School on application: exemption from all or part of tuition fees; one-off financial assistance.
  • Small paid jobs available on campus: computer support, library support, sports facilities duty, restaurant service, student tutoring, etc.
  • Offers of short courses centralised by the BDE.
  • The Friends of École Centrale de Lyon association offers occasional financial assistance.
  • Very attractive loans from partner banks: through the Article 1 operation and the partnerships developed by the Student Office. Don't hesitate to contact the BDE if you have any questions about borrowing.

Procedures open to all

  • Scholarships: link to the CROUS Lyon website.
  • Housing assistance offered by the CAF (link to website here).
  • CROUS offers a free guarantor scheme called Visale. This assistance enables rentals to secure future rent and rental charges free of charge.
  • Assistance for students on work-linked training: Mobili jeune (for under-30s on work-linked training schemes in private-sector, non-agricultural companies).