Vincent Nguyen Quang Do, new "Cercle Or" major donor

Vincent Nguyen Quang Do, a graduate of the class of 1995, has become a Grand Donor of the Cercle Or de l'École Centrale de Lyon, donating €100,000 to the school.

Portrait of a Centralien abroad

Vincent Nguyen Quang Do completed his studies with the class of 1995, under the supervision of Claude Santinelli, former lecturer and head of the instrumentation department. 

After graduating, he spent a few years at HP in Grenoble, before joining the company in 2001, NVIDIA, where he is currently European technical advisor on architectures for embedded AI applications.

The USA has a strong tradition of philanthropy. Our CEO, Jensen Huang, has made numerous donations to the schools he attended. Other colleagues naturally make donations to their former schools, which, paradoxically, are sometimes much more expensive than our French engineering schools! [...] I decided to follow his example and do my bit by giving something back to Centrale Lyon, its students and teachers." 

A donation to reduce inequalities

Vincent Nguyen Quang Do has chosen to support the school's 'Solidarity and Diversity' initiative. Part of his donation will go towards funding scholarships for the most disadvantaged students.

I didn't have any problems at school, so I'd like my donation to be used to fund bursaries. I know that the number of applications has exploded and I'd be happy to help a future classmate by giving them a bursary so that they can study with peace of mind.

Supporting and developing training

Finally, Vincent Nguyen Quang Do wanted to focus the second part of his donation on training, and more specifically on the acquisition of new IT equipment for use in teaching.

I don't think that anyone in France has yet measured the impact of the gigantic wave that AI is going to represent on our professions. I had the pleasure of talking recently with three of the École's research professors, who all work on this subject from different angles: electronics, machine learning, robotics and mathematics.

École Centrale de Lyon warmly thanks Vincent Nguyen Quang Do for his generous donation, which will give new students the opportunity to study in the best possible conditions.