Innovation and ingenuity at the Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp 2023

Friday October 20 saw the awards ceremony for the annual Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp 2023 (CLIC) challenge, an educational event that showcases the creativity and ingenuity of Centrale Lyon students.

Over the course of a week, the engineering students worked in project mode to come up with innovative and responsible solutions to the 6 projects put forward by the Metropole de Lyon, a partner in this year's event.

[JURY'S FAVORITE] Reinventing urban swimming with "Fourvière on Slide

coup de coeur CLIC 2023

The "Fourvière on Slide" group brilliantly rose to the challenge with a proposal to create 4 slides for the descent of the Sarra river at Fourvière. Their aim was to find a way to cool down city dwellers on hot days. Thanks to their ingenuity, they came up with several innovative ideas to offer users a refreshing experience.

This daring project captured everyone's imagination and was awarded the "Coup de Coeur" prize by the public and the jury.

Restoring social ties with "diverti'banc

The "diverti'banc" team captivated the audience with their original staged presentation. Their project brought together all generations around the same place, the bench. They created an interactive relaxation space where people of all ages can enjoy and interact with fun games and activities. Their innovative approach has won over the hearts of the public, and has been hailed for its inclusiveness.

Make fast-fashion undesirable with "chabstyle"

chabstyle CLIC 2023

The students behind the "chabstyle" project presented a unique application that lets you share photos of your clothes with your friends every day on a Lyon-based social network. But that's not all! Each publication generates points that are converted into discount vouchers for use in eco-responsible partner stores and clothing repair shops. Their "shared dressing room" concept promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility in fashion. An initiative that won over the jury and public alike.

A second life for movie sets with "l'enVERT du décor"

The "l'enVERT du décor" group presented an exciting project to give a second life to film sets. Their innovative idea is to reuse these sets to create new creative and ecological spaces. By recycling and reusing materials, they help to reduce waste and preserve the environment. Their project has been praised for its creativity and commitment to sustainability.

Raising the profile of industrial jobs among young people with "USINOPOLIS

One of the teams worked on a project aimed at making industrial professions more attractive to young people. Their idea was to create a place, called USINOPOLIS, which brings together different technologies and experiences through an immersive virtual tour. Thanks to this initiative, young people will be able to discover industrial professions in an interactive and fun way, arousing their interest and curiosity. The Group has shown great creativity in proposing a modern and innovative approach to promoting industrial professions.

A big thank you to the Metropole de Lyon, for being an invaluable partner in CLIC 2023. Its support made this exceptional event possible, bringing together talented and passionate students around innovative projects. Thanks to its commitment to innovation and education, this event offered a unique platform for young creative minds to develop their ideas and contribute to a promising future.