EPSA: A passion for the automobile and technological innovation, the 100% electric model of 2023

Since its creation in 2002, the Piston Sport Auto Team (EPSA) has established itself as a key player in the promotion of motor sports and automotive engineering within the École Centrale de Lyon. Each year, about sixty engineering students meet to design and build a competition vehicle that will participate in the Formula Student, a renowned international student competition.  Since its creation, nearly 350 students have been part of this team and nearly 25, today officiate in the world of motor racing, in the broadest sense.

EPSA's first 100% electric model

The year 2023 marks a major turning point for EPSA with the creation of Valkyriz, the first 100% electric vehicle to come out of the workshops of the team and its partners. This project represents a major technical challenge, as electric propulsion is innovative. The design and construction of this vehicle requires a rigorous approach in terms of safety and applied science. With this in mind, EPSA has developed a test bench called Bench01, to test and validate the overall operation of the electrical power chain.

The realization of Valkyriz is the result of the combined efforts of three EPSA seasons (2021, 2022, 2023). This vehicle is not limited to participation in competitions, it also plays the role of prototype and rolling test bed. It will serve as a platform to systematically test future optimizations on future EPSA vehicles.

The Piston Sport Auto team at École Centrale de Lyon continues to push the boundaries of automotive engineering, while training engineering students in the complex challenges of the sector. Thanks to its passion for the automobile and its commitment to technological innovation, EPSA actively contributes to the training of the new generation of automotive engineers, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Valkyriz v3.0