Centrale Lyon and Carbone 4 join forces to help students calculate their carbon footprint

After an initial collaboration in 2022 on the occasion of the Centrale Lyon Innovation Camp, the school is continuing its partnership with Carbone 4.

Thanks to the adaptation of the "MyCO2" carbon footprint calculation platform developed by Carbone 4, the 2 000 engineering students on the two campuses will be able to calculate, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

This approach is at the heart of the École's strategy, which positions it as a major player in major transitions.

Understanding carbon footprint to meet tomorrow's challenges

The tool is fully integrated into the training of engineering students throughout their curriculum. Right from the first year, as part of the introductory course on climate and planetary limits, students are made aware of their carbon footprint via an interactive lecture. During this lecture, punctuated by quizzes, scientific information and discussions, the Carbone 4 team helped students calculate their own carbon footprint. In the autumn, a pool of 10 teachers will be trained by Carbone 4 to lead these conferences themselves.

In their second year, students will be trained to understand, analyze and produce a carbon footprint for a company. By the end of their course, they will be able to implement a decarbonization policy in the workplace.

 "Students need to know how to read a carbon balance sheet in the same way as they know how to read a financial balance sheet [...] We need to train engineers capable of leading programs, innovating and managing responsibly," explains Pascal Ray, Director of the Établissement.

Using collected data for teaching and research

A specific development will enable the establishment to use the data, anonymously, in teaching and research activities.

The data may also be used by Carbone 4's partner, the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the ENS.

Finally, analysis of the results will make it possible to study the impact of educational and awareness-raising actions carried out by the establishment and student associations on reducing individual and collective carbon footprints over the years and across the year.

Since 2007, Carbone 4 has been helping organizations transform towards decarbonization and adaptation to climate change. The firm guides its customers towards strategies that ensure sustainability and resilience, in a world subject to climate drift and finite resources.  More information >